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Thoughts At Number 9


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Jan 19, 2005
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So the new Mock Drafts are out. They have the Dolphins taken any one of these players Adam Carriker, Amobi Okoye, Gaines Adams, Alan Branch, Leon Hall, Brady Quinn, Laron Landry or Levi Brown.
From what I can see the Dolphins are satisfied with the DT. They just resigned Vonnie Holiday and really like Fred Evans and Rodrique Wright, and Manny Wright is coming back to the team. So Alan Branch and Amobi Okoye are not a high possibility.
At DE there is Taylor who we all know is amazing, and is still impressing everyone at his post 30 age. Matt Roth has proven himself and I feel he can do as good as of job as Carter. So Gaines Adams and Carriker seem unlikely as well, unless the Fins draft to get younger. Which I don't like with a number 9 pick.
Brady Quinn will not be there are number 9 so there is no point talking about him. Although if he did fall we take him.
The Dolphins seem to be confident in their OL since they have not gone after any OL in FA. It would be interesting to see if they get Lehr or not. So a very good possibility would be Levi Brown, but at number 9 I don't think hes worth it. The Fins could get another OL in the 2nd round.
So that brings me to Laron Landry. An excellent Player who they compare to Sean Taylor with out the attitude. And the best possible player aviable. So the Fins should take him.
1st rd Laron Landry
2nd rd OL (Aaron Sears, Tony Ugoh)
2nd rd Drew Stanton
3rd rd CB or WR

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