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Tight Ends


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Mar 8, 2002
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OK everybody.
For the sake of arguement, we draft a TE.
We now will have 5 legitimate starters to make the team.
Weaver, Mayes, Perry, and Draper.
At first I said cut Draper, he is the fourth on the depth chart. But didnt we draft this guy last year in the fifth round? Anyone know how he progressed? So he would be really cheap too and we'd gain little with cutting him.
And I am guessing Hunter Goodwin is not coming back whether he wants to or not. Rumor is the Vikings will get him to backup Chamberlain.
What do we do with those four TEs?
Certainly one of them will be a June 1st casualty.
Not necessarily...

...You have a 53 man roster with the first 51 (in terms of salary) counting against the cap. The remainder are practice squad fodder etc. You don't have to cut them per se, but they are off the active roster.

(Though some might prefer to be cut and take their chances with another ball club).
That's true. Here are their salaries:

Weaver $563K
Perry $525K
Mayes $525K
Draper $300K

Those are just base salaries. We will not gain much by cutting them, so it might be a better option to send them to the practice squad.
I would expect Mayes, Draper and Weaver to battle the drafted guy since Perry is really our long snapper. I would expect Weaver to be more of a lock as our "receiving" TE though I wish he could pan out as the starter. Draper could be moved back to OT and have to fend for himself there or could be move the development squad (AFAIK).
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