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Tim Levcik, (The overrating of training camp play too soon)


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Mar 10, 2002
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Before I say, "I told you so", I won't, because I too, was fooled by the early "great QB camp showing" of now ex-Dolphin QB Tim Levcik.

I saw the rocket arm, and ability to sling the rock all over the field, and was mezmorised by the possibilities in my head, of seeing this guy blossom into the next you know who. Well, as soon as he got into a game against other live competition, he obviously was nowhere from even being close to competing on an NFL level, at this point.

The whole point is not even about Tim Levcik, but more about what we as fans seem to love doing on boards just like this. We (Myself included), go out and watch a practice, or read someone else's account of what they saw at a parctice, and take it to mean that we are now automatically experts on the NFL, just because we now have this "inside info" on all these sleepers that the rest of the league knows nothing about.

I fell into the same trap that I constantly warn people about. And that is, to not read too much into what you see at practice, or even in the pre-season games, for that matter.

After seeing this rocket-armed guy throw the ball a couple times in practice, I had him pencilled in as the "obvious" 3rd string QB, especially after we got rid of McNo-arm. Well, obviously, that was not the case.

How many countless other times have we, as fans, put that "can't miss" tag, or the "daimond in the rough" label on a guy that will be on the unemployement line 2 weeks later?

Another example is Ray Green. He burst on the scene, this pre-season, as this tall, very athletic DB, that was turning heads day after day at practice, and was not only challenging for a spot on the 53 man roster, but was going to take the nickel corner job away from Jamar Fletcher. Now, only a few short weeks later, he is fighting for his NFL life, and could be the odd man out.

There are tons, and tons of other examples, but the point is really, that we fans, especially on the internet, and boards like this, hold too much stock in what we think, and what other fans such as ourselves think. Just because I write in my "eyewitness" account of a training camp practice, that "Tim Levcik is impressing daily", and looks like a "lock to make the team", doesn't make it a fact.

Now, I am not knocking anyone, just merely pointing out the problems with jumping to such early conclusions.

That said, it is still fun to have converstation, and debates, on these matters, but we just need to keep it all in the proper perspective. We should also, not take ourselves too seriously, as far as really knowing if a guy can play or not.


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Apr 3, 2002
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Of course your right on the money here, and that's why I always put the No Pads, No Hitting, No Real Pressure, etc., in most of my posts.

I'll say this that I really like Levcik, but was actually hoping he did get cut, and was put on the PS. Being the 3rd string Qb here means nothing more than holding the clipboard and running the scout team. While being on the PS he could get some badly needed work on mechanics, and fundamentals, and then head to Europe in the spring.....ahhh what do I know.

I do think that this trade for Sage was a darn good one, and I'm much more excited about him as a prospect than I ever was about Levtchik. :)
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