Time to Work on Miami's Future.


Jun 14, 2003
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Spartanburg, SC
Listen,we all know when we have a shot at the girl...Let's face it...we don't have a shot at Peyton Manning. The clock is ticking, and it's time to start thinking about moving on. Flynn represents our next best option, and I'm not fully convinced that he wasn't the best option overall in the first place.

We took our swing and missed. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, and move in another direction. 4PM is that time.

At 4PM and 1 second, we need to be on the phone with Flynn's agent, with his itinerary information in hand. Book his flight. Make dinner reservations. Hire a tour guide for Miami's most popular attractions. Show him the facilities, and hang his new jersey in a lit up case next to Dan's. Make an impression. Tell him we sat down with Peyton because THAT'S YOUR JOB, and you do whatever it takes to build a winning team, even if that means interviewing older players with health questions.

Then you tie his a-- in his chair. Sit on him if you have to, but DO NOT LET HIM LEAVE. You hand him a pen, a contract that will undoubtedly beat all other offers, and welcome him as the new face of the Franchise.

And then tell him to shave that damn beard. It's too hot for that s--- in Miami.
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