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To AJ or 06


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Sep 3, 2001
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West Arkansas
As you are aware of I am one of the original members at finheaven, and though I do not post much, I am a great writer and have won a prize for having the second best story in western Arkansas last year, and my skills have done nothing but improve. So I have a proposition for you, I would like to write a mini-column to run November-January (3 installments). The column is entitled "American Pigskin" and I am currently working on the first installment ("There's Something About Your First Game"), it is from the catch phrase of the movie "American Pie" and I am planning on the second installment using a kind of "American Psyco" theme. I hope you consider this, and I am sure you will want to see some examples of my work, if so I will send them to you. Thank you for your time.
i don't come into this forum much........

and AJ's pretty busy since he's starting college next year. i'mjust a moderator, but try adphinistrator87!
ok, i sent a copy of the column to aj, but i will send one to adphinistrator87, thank you
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