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To many distractions


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Dec 12, 2001
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Taylor had to beat down his dad tha had a gun. Dedrick Ward was accused of rapeing a girl. James Mcknight had a baby. All in 1 week. You have to wonder if thease things will affect the team. They already have to deal w/a horrible loss, a short week, a do or die situation, and now their freinds lives are changing big time. I don't like the looks of this.
We'll see what this team is made of. it's going to start with the o-line forgetting last week and coming back with a performance like that against indy. With all these distractions, everybody doubting us, and all the Brady Bandwagon fans rooting against us, this is the perfect opportunity to prove to the nfl and media that we're more than a 2nd round and out team.
11-4, No Prob!:cool:
all these distractions...........

with the holidays right around the corner. i hope this team can stay focused. thinking about christmas vacation can put you off in la la land!:rolleyes:
as to ward.............

``I've always thought that the courthouse was the last resort,'' Lukens said. ``That's why it took a year and a half.''

i would almost bet the women tried to get them on a civil suit, the investigations turned up zilch, so now she's trying for a criminal conviction. SHE WANTS MONEY! :rolleyes:
Maybe the baby will inspire McKnight to play harder. It may be hard for Surtain, Taylor, and Ward to play though.
Hopefully you are right about Mcknight. Where has he been since the Jet game? 5,000 dollar reward for any info leading to a #80 spotting.
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