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Tony Bruno loves the fins this weekend...


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Nov 13, 2001
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for those of you who listen, i quote," take miami and the points, the dolphins will RUN OVER new england in the heat." later, "n.e. cant stop the run. ricky williams will run wild."
I love the 'Fins every weekend too....except last weekend..... and the weekend of the first round of the playoffs last year.... and the weekend (s) they lost to the Jests...... Who am I kidding, I still love them, it's just tough love on weekends like those.:stuck: :shakeno:
Yeah last weekend I had to :nono: at the dolphins with their awful performance. But I still love em! I don't love Tony Bruno though...something about him irks me for some reason
Tony Bruno is the guy when at ESPN said if some team (forgot the team) went to the final four he would walk to the Final Four. SPORTSCENTER played it up all week, The team acualy got to the final four he never walked. He backed out. chicken!
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