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Tony Sparano Q&A: Richie Incognito and Jake Long working well together


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Jul 30, 2004
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On the left side of the O-Line and Richie Incognito and Jake Long working together and if he's seen them starting to bond) - "Well, yeah I've seen it at different times. I think one thing I've noticed in the last couple of games is that the two of them are starting to get on a little bit of a page together out there and that's been good. Richie (Incognito) has been taking a little bit more work than anybody else there right now at left as of late. And I think that from the twist standpoint, the stunt games that come at them, they're a little bit more physical in their approach to those things and they're kind of speaking that unspoken language out there where the two of them are together a little bit more on some of those things, so. They'll get tested this week that way because this Atlanta team is a good team and they like to run a lot of games."

(On the skill set for Richie Incognito) - "Well he has done a good job at showing me that he can adjust. We started him out over there on the right side and then moved him over to the left side and he's shown me that he can adjust pretty well to some of those situations. I think he has some position flexibility. We haven't messed around with him and obviously I know I used to like him coming out when he was a center. I thought he did a good job that way, so. He has some flexibility to play on either side which I think is helpful.",0,1571935.story?track=rss


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Jul 26, 2004
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I was noticing in the Jag game that Long and Incognito have a mean streak to them. I really liked what I saw from these two, also I notice Incognito is a pretty good pulling Guard. Nice read.


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Jan 8, 2007
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IMO Long is destroying people out there. He collapses his side on running plays and has barely let anyone get near Henne. He also looks so alert, Against the Jags there was a third down conversion to Bess (post fumble recovery) where he had his man held up and Jerry's guy, Alou, looped around, Long saw him coming at the last second at while maintaining his block on his man stuck out a paw and took out Alou. One the greatest plays I have seen by a lineman. I still wish he would keep his feet moving (Jerry's never stop) he nonetheless looks like he is going to be awesome this year.
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