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Too easy for 06


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Who was the 4th DL'men on the famous No Name D:
LDE -- Vern Den Herder
LDT -- Manny Fernandez
RDT -- ?????
RDE -- Bill Stanfill

when they were not in the "53" (3-4) defense ;)
its very easy..................

when the subject is something you live and breathe!:D

wish i could have done as well in school with other subjects. math and history didn't interest me as much as they do now. i taught myself how to do trig when i started working in sheet metal, helped in figuring out shear sizes for different angles. i dig all history, but mainly scottish, english, irish and welsh. :)
i dig all history, but mainly scottish, english, irish and welsh.

Did you ever read History of the English Speaking People by Winston Churchill (Vol 1-4) ? Some real good stuff mixed by some boring stuff.
nope, haven't read it

right now i'm stuck in wales. can't spell the name without looking it up, but it is about lewellyn, before wales became part of england. sure glad i didn't live back in those days, man the deception was rampant. and the penalty for treason............... these liberals today think the death penalty is tough..............:eek:
man, that link you posted,

sure brings back fond memories.:) manny fernandez was the most unlikely candidate for a defensive tackle, that i have ever seen. he wasn't big, but he could plug the hole better than anybody! :D
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