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tough break guys


Sep 29, 2002
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every team has a couple days like this. Bills had their share last year. Look on the bright side Patsies lost too. Chefs offense is for real huh?'s for you guys play them this year? That might be a 54-51 game.....There would be some tired defenders in that game.
Yup, the Chief offense is for real. Probably the best in the league IMO. If the NE game was played at Arrowhead, they'd have probably won that one too.
Vermeil is certainly solidifying himself as one hell of an offensive mind.

He built the Rams into one of the best scoring machines ever to hit the NFL and now look what he's done with the Cheifs. The Chiefs are scoring like they're in the Arena League. There is no way that it's a coincidence Vermeil has been tied to 2 teams like this. The guy must be a damn good coach!
I might be jumping the gun here, but the Dolphins always have a team that acts like a nemesis who beat us for consecutive games going on years. The Jets, Bills, and Raiders have all filled that role. I'm wondering if it's now the Chiefs.
Nah, we've owned the Chiefs....until today.
Didn't we lose to them like 42-7 two or three years ago? I hope I'm wrong.
That was a very long time AGO I think Christian Okoye was still playing. We hadn't lost to the Chiefs since. The Jaguars shut down the Chiefs at Arrowhead in Week 2. I think the Jags could be a sleeper this year.
Originally posted by Miamian
Didn't we lose to them like 42-7 two or three years ago? I hope I'm wrong.
we have not lost to them since last time we played them at KC

10/31/93 -- at Miami 30, Kansas City 10
12/12/94 -- at Miami 45, Kansas City 28
12/31/94 -- *at Miami 27, Kansas City 17
12/11/95 -- at Miami 13, Kansas City 6
10/05/97 -- at Miami 17, Kansas City 14

we have not won at KC since 09/17/72 -- Miami 20, at Kansas City 10
I'm going to have to agree that the Chiefs offense looks like one of the best units in football. The only thing that's kept them from winning games to this point is the fact that they have zero defense, but when your opponent is gift wrapping turnovers for you, and you have an offense that can virtually score at will, then chances are your team is going to win hands down.
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