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Trade down in the 1st and grab...


May 5, 2007
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We need a guy who can do what he does with 1 minute and 50 seconds in and the next play too.. YAC! YAC! YAC! take a hit and diiiip for more yards!

And check out 2 minutes and 52 seconds, wow that burst is insane...

Some more...

You can tell how bad his QB is with that very first throw in the 2nd video.. If he had a real Qb, the sky would be the limit for this guy.

Couple of trade down ideas... Cowboys? They can get Dez Bryant and finally drop Roy Williams who has been a total bust. or pick up one of the Oline if any drop..
Green Bay- they could pick up Joe Haden, CJ Spiller, or an OLB to take Kampmans spot
Houston- Trade down with them so they can pick up Earl Thomas or CJ Spiller

With the extra (2nd round pick perhaps?) we could pick up Benn and Gresham and our offense would be so different! Second 2nd round pick grab the best SOLB.. Rest of the draft go
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