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Tua in rare group of 5 Qb's

I find it interesting, considering injuries is the primary factor as to why many question Tua's viability to be a long term, top QB.

I say let’s let a sleeping dog lay!
I don't even think people realize how often players play injured. In Tua's defense the helmet he has has probably made the difference and those Judo classes as well. For quarterbacks a lot the injuries don't always happen because of defensive players but I would say is more about forcing things and Tua rarely is seen forcing things when he shouldn't. It does scare me to see him running because we might have a lose cannon in defense that could exploit that in within the rules. Tua has played every game at qb and lets try to not talk about this not because it has no fruit for talk, but because it makes me nervous to lose him.
Why even make this thread?

Let’s not push our luck and jinx the Qbs health.
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