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Turk's animosity towards the front office.......


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Sep 19, 2001
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What is everyone's take on Matt's comments on how the negotiations were handled and so forth?


I think it was a little bit of both parties. My thinking was after the tragedy that Matt dealt with being the death of his brother Dan, and the great season he had, that Rick and co would have been knocking on the door trying to get a deal done. You can also look at it from the standpoint that Matt was too greedy and was asking for too much money, considering the fact that he's a punter.

The bitterness that Matt Turk is unfortunate.... The Dolphins gave him all the time he needed when he asked to be excused from the team's business at hand....when his brother succumbed to cancer. The Dolphins never gave Turk a hard time about anything...for that matter. They offered him a raise....it just was not the raise...that TURk thought he deserved. The Dolphins were up-front with TURK all the way. The team brass told him they wanted him back....and gave Turk their parameters for what they were willing to pay him.
Now....comes the draft one week away...and still the Dolphin punting situation is up in the air. What should the Dolphins do about this? They have no agreement with TURK...and have very little picks to waste on drafting an untested punter...they decided. So...they bring in MARK ROYALS...a punter that the Dolphins and MARE, for that matter....are aquainted with. The DOlphins gave TURK the benefit of the doubt....as they and TURK's agent...talked again. They gave the agent a rebuttal...and told him to tell TURK to make a decision in the next 30 minutes....or we have to move on (to ROYALS). TURK's answer was ''NO" to the Dolphins offfer....and that was where the Dolphins had to draw the line...and just end it....by signing ROYALS.
Turk can talk about loyalty and rewards all he wants....but he should remember that the DOlphins were very good to him the past couple of years....particularly off the field. Last season...if you remember....TURK was literally the only one who was not around working out with the team....this time last season....as he decided to work out in VIRGINIA...and working on the family business...instead of lifting and working out down here...in the "mandatory" off-season workout program. The Dolphins I believe took that scenario....as well as this years shaninigans...into context in the very end....when determining whether or not to give in to TURK....and that extra $25,000 dollars or more...to bring him back. In the end...there was frustration on both parties....and the stalemate turned the Dolphins in another direction....with the signing of ROYALS.
I liked Turk last year but I don't think he's going to be a tremendous loss. Even if he signs with the Jests are we supposed to be afraid of "Turks Revenge!" :lol: Chapter closed, turn the page.
He's a Punter - the least important "starting" position on a team. DCH is totally on with how the Fins did right by Turk and he had plenty of time to neg. He justed wanted too much money for a P is all it was.
Even if he signs with the Jests are we supposed to be afraid of "Turks Revenge!"

Actually, I hope he does get that revenge.The Jets can punt to us all day long if they like.
Originally posted by va dolfan

Actually, I hope he does get that revenge.The Jets can punt to us all day long if they like.

LMAO...yea, GO TURK!!!

Hey he is a good punter, and I hope he lands somewhere and is happy. I am fine with us getting Royals.
Originally posted by va dolfan
Actually, I hope he does get that revenge.The Jets can punt to us all day long if they like.

Is it me or is this a great statement?

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Is it me or is this a great statement?


Jets | Closer With Turk - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
4:47 PT: Updating an earlier story, NY Newsday reports the New York Jets are moving closer to signing free agent P Matt Turk (Dolphins). He would like the deal done before this weekend's NFL Draft.
Im sorry but this is silly, I will be cool with royals punting for us and i believe turk priced himself a little too high... he had a good season last year but not the year before ..and he didnt do great in washington the year before he came here. I agree that punter is important but most teams cannot pay punters that much money. And for what they do I dont think they should make much . sorry punters of the world! I mean a kicker is a little different so I can see some money for that ,since they score points and can win games with a kick..but punting has alot to do with coverage teams and i believe we have some of the best ...Turk will be sorry he left sunny miami for n.y. mark my words .......
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