Turner waived by the Dolphins


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Jan 17, 2008
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Dania Beach, FL.
If you're old school like I am, 60 plus, you remember when running the ball was equal to, or in some cases, more important than passing. Teams like the Cleveland Browns, LA Rams, our championship Dolphins, The Bills, The Steelers and the Lions were run first teams. Look at who these teams had toting the rock-JimBrown, Eric Dickerson, Czonka and Mercury, OJ Simpson, Franco Harris and Barry Sanders. I'd run too! Some games were classic matches like Thanksgiving day Lions vs Cowboys with John Madden showing his Turkey Leg!! Great era for Football. Howard Cosell was the best in booth color guy ever imo. The games were electric!! The openings magical!! Number 12 is Terry Bradshaw, the bazooka armed youngster from Louisiana State. He's back and looking downfield for Lynn Swann and an acrobatic grab by the superstar from USC Touchdown, Pittsburgh leads 7-0. In the ensuing kick off-I can't do the whole game!!! Go to YouTube and listen to Howard Cosell do the Monday Night intro, it's legendary!!
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