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Two accounts

My computer went up in flames and I started using my IPhone, but can’t get into my original account. Shula fan. I had to create a new account with my car as a photo. Shulafan. How can I get back to my original account?
Easiest way is to request a new password to your .edu address.

If you no longer have access to that email just send me a message with your new email address and I will switch it out for you.
Hey brother,

my new email is

I do not have access to the email I first had when I created the account
The email address has been updated on your original account. I also sent you a password reset link to that email. Cheers!
Brand new to the site... Ive unchecked everything under my account for alerts but Im still getting emails everytime someone posts in a thread I posted in it appears. Please help a newbie out
Go to account preferences and disable push notifications
Leave alert checked on all of the boxes but not push
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