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Two Losses in a Row, What Have We Learned


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Apr 12, 2002
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:dink: We all thought we were hot as a black cat in August. And we were, but since the Denver game a lot has changed. Lets look at some of those things that have given us a down turn.
1. Jay really is our QB. He's really better than we ever gave him credit for. We see that without him, our team looks like a practice squad. Even our Defense has played worse.

2. Ray Lucas isn't the second coming of Jay. He's proven that he is not the Jet of the past and is getting his ass kicked on a weekly basis. He almost completes more passes to the opposing team then he does to his own receivers.

3. Offensive line is playing horrible. But are they really? Since Jay left, teams are stuffing the line with as many guys as they can afford in order to stop Ricky. And they have. Some injuries up front also help the fact that we're not opening up any holes. So do they really suck or is it just because of other issues on the team like Jay being out? I think it's both.

4. Defensive line for some reason forgot how to stop the run. And the past few games they've forgotten they're supposed to attack the QB on passing downs. Jason Taylor seeminly is still trying, but maybe Bates isn't calling the right defense and our boys are getting turned upside down. Many questions I have here.

5. Coaching is the one thing that is supposed to be the one place where all this comes together. Is it? Dunno. It was until many of these injuries crashed upon us. But even still, they should be/could be doing a better job with these backups, yet they're not. I'm not blaming them for doing a poor job, these backup players should be picking it up and they're not. But I think they should have the smarts enough to realize not all of t hem have the talent that first stringers do and should make the play calls accordingly. Keeping the same game plan isn't cutting it with all of these injuries.

6. Us. Yes, us the fans. The Dolphins have only dropped 2 straight. Thats a total of 3 for the half year. Each time we've lost we had an enormous amount of turn overs. Remember Ricky has a fumble problem? Hell, he looks like he's using stick'em compared to the rest of the team. But we as fan's must deal with this. We must refuse to become the "we suck/I hate this player/etc.etc. etc." type of fans. The Dolphins will not go undefeated, we know that. And we must live with it. Thick and thin, we must always be fair and just. To ourselves and our team.

Yes, I know there are many other items that I have left off. But who wants to read a long boring story by me? I don't. But overall I think we've learned that Ray isn't the QB we thought he was, and that our team is not playing like a team with out Jay at the helm. Ricky is trying, and doing a great job for us. He's been a great add-on for the team this year.

This is only half of the season. No, I can't stand a loss either. But one game does not make a season. Our schedule looks a bit easier as we go on. If we can limit our injuries, maybe we can do a bit better. Hopefully. :gossip:
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