U S Military Badges For Current Or Ex-service Members

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May 19, 2017
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High Point, NC
USMC 1965-1966. USMCR 1966-1971. I fought like hell, but they made me go anyway.

Due to my extreme good looks and high intelligence, they had me spend over a year of active duty at the Communications School at MCRD San Diego, CA. My MOS was 2831 (a Radio Relay Repairman).

I thought it meant I was a Tijuana Raider, so I spent a lot of time there until my money ran out. It's all kind of fuzzy, except for all those weekends I spent broke on Mission Beach; North Mission Beach to be specific.

Yes, I've been to a grunion run and they tasted great. The price was right too. You really have to see mission beach turn into a blanket of fish (grunion) after midnight of a full moon. It is something special.


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Apr 29, 2008
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North Carolina raise your hands up
As a small token of appreciation for our military members we have added badges that can be awarded to members that will display which military branch you serve in or have served in.

We have the four major branches of the military, Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force, and the badge will appear under your avatar.

If you would like a badge please respond to this thread starting which branch you served in and a member of the admin will get it to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your service.

PS- This wasn't my idea. This is something we've done in the past, we just got the graphics loaded finally. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew the option is available.

PPS- Coast Guard has been added.
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