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Unrelated to the Dolphins and it's BAD!!!!!

Do you hate Jason Giambi and the Yankees?

  • Yes, the Yankees suck.

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • No, I like the Yankees.

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • I don't care.

    Votes: 5 38.5%

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Sep 29, 2001
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I hate those dumb Yankees. They seem to always have to sign a top player every year, instead of keeping players who have been loyal to them for years. Giambi is a sellout and a ****ing loser. The only good thing about that asshole going to the Yankees is that my Mariners will have an easier time in the AL West, because Oakland will be obviously weaker. Jeremy (his brother) is in Oakland and I hope he has a better season than his asshole brother. I hope his brother has the worst season of his career, and then gets it from the media, and goes crazy. He will probably have problems with the team because of his personality. Anyway, he is an asshole.
The last inning of game 7 was great! Luis Gonzalez was my hero for an hour, and then it turned back to Ichiro, but Gonzalez beat the Yankees so he is still cool. Randy Johnson is awesome too for obvious reasons. I like some players on Arizona, and was happy that those players who are mostly veterans who never won a ring finally did. And it was great because the Yankees lost.:)
Smankees :D Smankees :D Smankees :D
I had to say I don't care 'cause baseball is about as exciting as staring at a wall, and it has about the same amount of action. :sleep: :sleep:
As a big Yanks fan, I would have rather signed a big name OF and kept Tino, especially with all the other improvements. Tino is clutch and the best fielding 1st baseman in baseball, but he is not Giambi. BTW - Jeremy is a mediocre player who will never be like bro: kind of like Hank and Tommy Aaron, not like Phil and Joe Neikro who were both good.

The fact is that baseball needs a salary cap and revenue sharing or it will never be a serious sport like football where team have a chance.

Yankee bashing is too easy - find a more challenging hobby. P.S. The Mets were real loyal to their former cluth hitting hero - Robin Ventura.
What's with all the Yankee bashing? Is it because you're tired of seeing them win? You can't blame a team for picking up players they feel will give them the best chance to win. It ain't their fault your favorite baseball team can't beat them, blame that on your owners who won't shell out the money to pick up premier players. Now, if baseball would implement a salary cap, it would give the teams a better chance of being competitive. But until then, go ahead Steinbrenner and win World Series Championships like you know how too. You are talking about a team who lost Paul O'Neil, Luis Sojo, and Scott Brosius to retirement and he picks up Jason Giambi, Robin Ventura and Steve Karsay. To me, that looks like a owner who wants to win. The only thing that bothers me is that the Yankees have one of the best farm systems in baseball and he doesn't give them a chance to come up to the big leagues. He uses most of them as trade bait to get seasoned veterans. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!NA NA NEE BOO BOO!!


I guess if you were on the winning side, it wouldn't bother you as much, I UNDERSTAND....LOL:lol:
The fact is that baseball needs a salary cap and revenue sharing or it will never be a serious sport like football where team have a chance.

You may be the first Yankees fan to actually admit that we need a cap, so you are automatically above all other Yankees fans.
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