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Veterans Day

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Sep 8, 2004
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While I didn't put a Happy in front, let us please take some time to think of those brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms we enjoy today. Much love, respect, appreciation and thank you to all of our beloved service members both past and present. Semper Fi! :ffic:
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I'm so very proud to be an American on veterans day because I know I have the BEST IN THE WORLD serving and have served protecting and giving their very all to keep us safe and free.

On this veterans day I want to shout out my friend veteran Robert Ledee (rip). You were my good friend back in the day and you had my back when times were rocky... as a young man those many years ago (although technically we were both young dudes as you're only a couple years older than me)...your training, advice, and friendship was immeasurable helping me navigate my first real job and even more personal matters. I know I'll see you again someday brotha and thank you again in person.

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