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Vick Sued

A Georgia woman is suing Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, claiming that she contracted Herpes Simplex 2 from the NFL star in 2003. The player's defense is that he's much more of a runner than a passer.
Does Vick have herpes and I'm the only one who never knew? I ask because all the crap these guys do at the combine would have come out in tests. Easy way to get out of the suit is to take the test. Unless I'm wrong and the only one who didn't know he had H2 (RB nick name and Vick has Herpes 2 or something... good joke).

Ron Mexico is the best name ever.
He might just have had a coldsore, kissing someone whilst having a coldsore can lead to herpes for the other person only.
FinsFanatic said:
searched, didnt see it, ooops

Its ok. Any time we can work the name Ron Mexico into the message board, I think we should do it.
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