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view on Redskin's.....


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Jul 17, 2003
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"Speaking of trades, one GM told me he is convinced the deal Washington made to acquire the Denver Broncos' first-round pick (25th overall) is so the Redskins can package an attractive enough offering to move into the top three picks and select Michigan receiver Braylon Edwards. That seems to make a great deal of sense because it would help make the Redskins instantly better. They certainly could be satisfied with addressing cornerback at No. 9 (Adam 'Pacman' Jones?) and quarterback at No. 25 (Jason Campbell?). But landing Edwards gives them the chance to get the player with the greatest amount of game-changing ability in the draft."

"Real interesting trade between the Redskins and Broncos. Something tells me it's only the first part of another major deal the Redskins will be making. Why else, on April 19, four days before the draft, would the Redskins be dealing so much for the 25th overall pick in the draft when they have no idea who will be available at that spot? If they were keying in on somebody in the draft, then they could have waited until April 23 to make the deal to ensure that the player was there. But they didn't. That tells me the Redskins are making another deal, either to move up in the draft or to acquire a cornerback such as Miami's Patrick Surtain or Oakland's Charles Woodson. But know this: We have not heard the last from the Redskins."
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