Vintage Dolphins Tickets 1970, 1973 & 1974

Discussion in 'FinHeaven Exchange' started by RabidDawg, May 7, 2018.

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    Hello all:

    Awhile back, I came across a stash of complete, untorn Dolphins tickets from the 1970. They're a very nice lot of tickets from the 1970, 1973 and 1974 seasons from the estate of a tour provider in Southern California who (for some reason) also arranged tours to Dolphins games in Miami.

    I've been selling these tickets in conjunction with the estate sale company and we've had a few collectors and resellers who've expressed interest and bought some of them. I'm listing the remaining lot here for any collectors or resellers who might be interested and haven't seen them yet. They are available on ebay, and the individual links are below. Please feel free to ask any questions.

    The more you buy, the better the deal. If you're interested in buying all remaining tickets, we might be able to strike an even better deal.

    1970 Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1973 New York Jets at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1973 Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1973 Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1974 Baltimore Colts at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1974 Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1974 Green Bay Packers at Miami Dolphins complete ticket

    1974 New York Jets at Miami Dolphins complete ticket
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    Where is 1972? Let me guess....

    Interesting that face value went from 6$ to 8$ in four years. I’m not sure the same tickets are worth 25$ now especially in an unremarkable season.
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    Good luck with your sales.

    I know it is not what you are doing, but if you ever get a hold of a ticket that will magically bring us BACK to the success and dominance we had in 1972, or hell, even the 1980's with Marino, please let me know. I miss that kind of success. Maybe I should ask that Willy Wonka fellow ... he seems to have some pretty nifty tickets.
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    I can remember that 73 Buff at MIA. The big hype about it was OJ Simpson and would the Bills finally unseat the Dolphins - The answer was, .... uhmmm... no. LOL. Really satisfying. The sports media was all in for Buffalo that year and they've pretty much ****ted on MIA ever since.

    I don't remember the 74 Balt at MIA - the one that sticks in my craw was the late season MIA at Baltimore when the Colts won the Division on a late field goal. That was the official end of MIA's supremacy in the AFCE.

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