Vintage, Untorn Dolphins Tickets from 1973 & 1974

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    I recently came across some vintage Dolphins tickets that were unused from 1973 and 1974 (also one from 1970). They were part of a large lot of unused tickets at an estate sale of a former travel coordinator. They're in great shape, having sat undisturbed in a box in the closet for more than four decades.

    I've listed them on ebay... please check them out. If you're interested in multiples, I will gladly entertain offers.

    1973 - NY Jets at Dolphins

    1973 - Buffalo Bills at Dolphins

    1973 - Cincinnati Bengals at Dolphins

    1974 - Kansas City Chiefs at Dolphins

    1974 - Green Bay Packers at Dolphins

    1974 - Baltimore Colts at Dolphins

    1974 - NY Jets at Dolphins

    1970 - Buffalo Bills at Dolphins

    Enjoy! Hope you like them. They're great collectors pieces for any Dolphin fan!
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    Wish I could find a program, or photographs, from that 1974 MNF game against the jets. I have that torn ticket stub. One of a select few games I got to go to in the glory years. That was Namath's only MNF appearance ever against the Dolphins and it is nearly forgotten now.

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