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Virtual Reality QB Training

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Nov 8, 2013
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...In the middle of the room were two laptops set together so their screens operated as one. On it was, perhaps, the future of football coaching.

Specifically, the future of football coaching was being projected through a $350 headset connected to the laptops. The NFL coaches were watching Stanford's practice film from 2014. There were no exotic plays. No unusual formations — just a handful of scout team reps run at three-quarters speed. The "wow" factor came from the perspective of it all. Whoever put on that headset with its earphones and goggles became the QB on that field in Palo Alto.

Look left and you can see your tight end settling into position next to the left tackle. In front of you, the safeties and MIKE linebacker are trying to get lined up. Turn your head to the right and you look over the right tackle and all the way out to the wide receiver on the right side of the formation with a cornerback facing him, peeking in at you. Keeping turning to the right — it's OK to twist around. Now 180 degrees and — whoa! — there's your running back staring right at you.

..."It was the first time I could actually visualize something like that," Shaw says. "'I was like, 'Wow, if we could actually put quarterbacks in a virtual world so we're not using extra practice reps, we're not extending practice at all — we're not messing with the 20-hour work week, we're just creating a library of things for a QB to learn something, that'd help your backup QB who's never gonna get as many reps as a starter and helps your starter get three reps on a play that he screwed up on and he can just watch the same thing over and over again and see everybody and feel like he's there.' When Derek started explaining it to me, I got really excited."

Full article here:

Cool article explaining training tools for the future with strong possibility of VRT (virtual reality training) only being 3-5 years out. It's got some length to it so there's more to read in the link and some of it deals with the business aspect of it's start up.


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Oct 9, 2009
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Very interesting! I had known that huge breakthroughs in VR were right around the corner, but never thought of this very impactful application in the football world.
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