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Visiting Miami/Hard Rock


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Jan 17, 2017
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Hi guys!

My family and I are headed over from the UK in October......sadly the schedule release has our bye week and Colts away game during our stay! Is it still worth a trip to see the stadium? Or are there any other Dolphins related activities you would suggest during our stay?

It's out first time in Florida so want to make the most of it and let my kids see as much Dolphins related stuff as possible!

Where are you flying into and out of and staying?
You could always slum it and visit the Jags or Buccs.
Personally an empty stadium holds no appeal but there is a Dolphins shop there, but you can probably get the same stuff in a Mall or Outlet maybe cheaper.
I’d certainly bow to more local knowledge and possibly posting in
Or pming @Fin-Loco
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