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Vote for Randy McMicheal

He's still in 2nd with 10% while Shokey's running away with the thing. I guess that should be expected from a guy who everyone thinks is the next "big thing" in NYG-ville.
McMichael is in second, ahead of Dan Graham and Jerramy Stevens who were both first rounders. :)
11% and holding. I've never seen one preseason play do so much for the expectations about a player...especially a Tight End. I mean, Shockey's now the best thing the NFL has seen since Ben Coates or....what was that San Diego TE's name the one that came up with such a huge game in the longest NFL game in history against the Dolphins...
Kevin Winslow is the tight end. Wasn't the Christmas eve game in Kansas City 1970 the longest game??
Kellen Winslow was the TE in the 1981 OT game. Ironically, his son, Kellen Winslow Jr., will be Jeremy Shockey's replacement at TE for UM this year.

Certainly Seattle's offense will feature the TE a lot. So Stephens has a chance to excel. Shockey will be a stud.
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