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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Phinz1972, Aug 13, 2005.

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    I know you guys have a long list of people that want to be moderators and or help out FinHeaven, but I would still like to get my name on the waiting list for either moderator or helping of anything I can.

    I've pretty much told AJ my exp. but I will post it here also so the other staff can see.

    At the moment, I currently run itsnotajoke.com and maintain the website and and all of its info, I'm in the process of helping design and develop a photoblog website that will be opening in the near future. I design forum templates for phpBB2 & VBulletin(along with custom hacks), design websites in-all, knowledge reigns from html, php, css, mysql, java, c++, and many more. I was the admin of a few forums(mainly poetry, drawing, design, and a few other along the line) but currently just run my itsnotajoke website and I'm a moderator at wm-talk.com(a webmaster website). As AJ knows, I have two servers that FH can use for whatever need be(goes along with the FH staff if they need to host pictures, video clips, a database, etc...). I guess that is it for now.

    Kevin Ambrose aka Phinz1972
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    Thats where my vote goes for the next mod ;)

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