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Wannstedt eager for training camp


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Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt liked what he saw this week during minicamp and is eager to see what this team is made of when training camp begins in July.

“Our guys are working with a real good sense, a real excitement about this season,†Wannstedt said. “We have to make sure we come out in training camp and establish our foundation. And that’s going to be the key, and that we’re going to run and be physical, and we’re going to do all those things that win football games for you down the stretch.â€Â

While the three-day camp had no pads and little hitting, Wannstedt said the team got a lot accomplished.

“We’ve gotten a lot of stuff added on both sides of the ball,†he said. “I think if you asked our players they’d say we’re not where we need to be by any means, but we feel good about our guys and what we’re doing, and we’ll be ready to start.â€Â

Wannstedt said it’s too early to get a good feel from the rookie class, but he was particularly impressed with the play of some veterans.

“Leon Searcy and Jamie Nails [stood out],†Wannstedt said. “Both of those guys are going to be in the mix with the offensive line. David Bowens and Adewale Ogunleye both showed up and flashed on a defensive line. They’re both going to be factors there. Those will probably be the guys who kind of jump out at you.â€Â

A return to health

The injury-plagued Dolphins from a year ago are almost back to full strength, and Wannstedt is amazed at the progress.

“All the surgeries we’ve had and everything, and we’ve got everybody back practicing and doing everything,†Wannstedt said. “We’ll go into camp, unless something crazy would happen in the next month, we should have everyone healthy and ready to go.â€Â

Looking at Gamble

Wannstedt says he’s going to take a harder look at Trent Gamble as a nickel safety. Gamble played a key reserve and special teams role in 2000.

A shoulder injury kept him sidelined most of last season. Wannstedt is happy to be getting him back.

“Trent is back healthy,†Wannstedt said. “That’s a real positive. Because as a rookie there was nobody better than him on special teams, and he started on the dime package. Having him come back happy and healthy is a real plus for us.â€Â

Royals on holds

Mark Royals and Olindo Mare are getting along fine.

Royals, signed to take over punting duties, will be holding for Mare on his kicks.

“The biggest thing is the holding and the confidence of Olindo,†Wannstedt said. “Olindo is very comfortable with Mark and in fact they are playing golf this afternoon. That’s good. For kickers that’s what you want this time of year.

Rain canceled the Dolphins’ after-camp softball game. The weather had cleared, but the team did not want to take any risks.

Defensive tackle Jermaine Haley (flu), tight end Alonzo Mayes (ankle) and defensive end Daryl Gardener (personal reasons) did not practice.

Sounds like we maybe a little good..Don't you think.
Sounds good now. Just have to get everyone through camp. :)
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