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Wayne Gandy watch


there are some that call me...Tim
Dec 1, 2001
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18 miles from Memphis...
from Sporting News 'Inside Dish'...
The Saints might have a new left tackle this season...This could be the year 2003 2nd round pick Jon Stinchcomb becomes a starter...If he wins the job, the team could cut incumbent LT Wayne Gandy
CCMiamiDolphins said:
We have too many offensive linemen

Actually thats our weakest positon on the whole team

but i dont think were adding anymore this offseason
I agree...we have enough LT's....we should be looking at picking up
a Center.
MelbournePhin said:
that dikhead already snubbed us.

he didn't snub us. He took the best offer.
McIntosh agreed to his contract restructuring on the condition that the Phins wouldn't bring in another LT from the outside. It might not be the best way to build trust with the players to cast that aside.

I mean, if Jonathan Ogden were available, it might be worth going back on that, but this is Wayne Gandy we're talking about, and he doesn't exactly remind anyone of Richmond Webb.
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