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We are done!


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Oct 20, 2002
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Forked! A backup that has never thrown a pass! Ouch!
Who's going to play if the Herb goes down?
Well atleast he's never thrown 4 interceptions and fumbled twice ion a game before! :D :eek:
Surtain played QB in high school... maybe Pat can get some snaps a lil later.... I hope Sage is the new star... ha
It won't matter who plays QB folks during this game!
His first three throws have looked awful! What the hell!?!?
Phinfan you were right the first time. I don't envee anyone playing in Lambeau except a meat packer.
he's a deer in headlights. hopefully he'll calm down in halftime. as for lucas, i've got $100 it's a broken collarbone. :(. probalby a 4-6 week injury. ughhh, can we bring marino back next week?!?
They look like they're giving up. WE're supposed to have the better defense but It doesn't look like it. They come out and hurt our QB (Lucas is stiff as a board) my daughter can take a hit better than him and our D cant stop a screen pass. Freeman pass interference on a pass that probably wouldn't be caught. Our offense 2 turn overs on the first two drives. This is two straight awful games. Looks like a wild card team waiting to lose.
We have blown it! We had two third and longs and blew them on the first TD drive they had which was scored because of another turnover. If Lucas doesn't come back, consider this game over and probably consider our season over because Fiedler won't be back until early December, which may be too late.
Fied is due back in a couple of weeks. The problem is our team isn't playing like they did at Denver. The GB Defense is out playing our D.
u all have no faith in ur team...well wiht that fumble i dont bame u but go miami!
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