We are in the midst of the ESPN Power Rankings CURSE!


May 20, 2002
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-The Rams lost 5 straight after being ranked #1 for the very first power rankings of the season

-The Pats are currently in the midst of a 4 game losing streak since being ranked at the top of the power rankings

-The Raiders are currently in a 3 game slide after being in the top spot

-The Dolphins lost their quarterback and have started on a slide ever since squeaking out the victory at Mile High, after which.. thats right, they were placed in the #1 spot

-The Saints luck ran out, and their defensive problems finally caught up with them..... you guessed it, after taking over the #1 spot two weeks ago

-The Chargers finally showed weekness this weekend after they were placed in spot numero uno of the week 9 rankings....


Bet on the Lions this week.. The Pack are in for a beatdown.



Cogito, Ergo FinFanum
Oct 20, 2002
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With the Cheerleaders in the Premie Forum
Re: ESPN power rankings, explain to me how this works...

In their little blurb on the Bills they describe them as the favorite to get an AFC Wildcard. HOWEVER, ....

They rank two teams from the AFC East above them. Ummm..., wouldn't one of the two teams RANKED HIGHER than them in their own division have to be in a better position to be the leading wildcard favorite?

Internal self-contradictions aside, the Ray-led phins certainly have dropped behind a number of teams who have been playing better of late. We got the benefit of the doubt on our #1 ranking after the Denver game, given that those rankings were prepared with ESPN's knowledge that Jay would be out for a month or more.

It would be interesting and perhaps even meaningful if ESPN would establish something more specific as to what their rankers should consider their rankings to MEAN.
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