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We have a great punt catcher


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Jul 21, 2002
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Did anyone see Ward even run a punt tonight? He fair caught everything! Get some balls and make someone miss!
well, when the Packers have 3 guys standing there waiting for you to catch it you damn well better faircatch it, or else they rear back and pop you as soon as you do catch it and then it becomes yet another fumble... Minor would be dooing the same thing tonight.
Umm, usually you have time to run back the kickoff. The punt, more often than not you have guys already downfield hunting you down. Punt returning is probably the most dangerous and scary position to play.
I say put Baker in there to return punts..
Ward just made a nice cutback on a punt return.....to bad he was heading the RIGHT DIRECTION before he cut back into two tacklers!!!!!
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