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We Lost On Madden2003.com

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Screw You Guys..Im Goin Home!!!
Oct 18, 2002
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Well i read the results and we lost by 2 pts in a 2 pt conversion fail.....BUT Gadsden was in, Fiedler was in, and GARDENER(DARYL!!!) WAS IN and no CC...so its BS....Miami will win tonight 27-20 my prediction

:monkey: maddens result
Hey, in MY simulation, we won. And I was playing on all-pro mode too. Without Fiedler, and with CC#2. But, then again, I'm 9-1 and beat everyone else I played, except the damn Jets (they're good in that game). So, maybe that doesn't mean much, oh well I can hope!
Well ladies and gentlemen, if you go to xbox.com you'll note that on their official game we won. And so far xbox.com has been right 6 out of 8 times. What does all this mean? nuttin.

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