We Suck


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Aug 3, 2002
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tom Olividotti is relived. jim bates is no good. what happend to the safeties coming up in run support. our LB's are not used and they should in cold weather. Sam Madison is not having a good season. i want him traded for a first round pick. Zach Thomas cant cover everything. Tim bowens is done-he is a fat piece of you know what. larry Chester as well. Burnett and jay williams are inneffective. why cant we cover any good RB's out of the backfied? the Jets are going to eat us up. Wannstedt is letting ths happen. he should take over the defense. Now for fumbles. this is why we lost the division last year. we are real simpletons when it comes to this kind of game. we are predictable. no real enginuity. Im embarrassed.:yell:
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