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Week 3 Injury Watch Thread


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Mar 12, 2006
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I keep looking and looking for info on our guys.

If you hear anything, post it here.

Will Waddle clear the protocol and be active this Sunday?

Will River CraCraft sneak out for bionic shoulder surgery and become the Six Million Dollar Sixth Receiver we all know he can be?

Will Connor Williams groin pain fix his snapping issues?

Will Jaelan Phillips' spasm again, and is the oblique unrelated?

Exactly how far ahead of schedule is Jalen Ramsey?

Does Cheetah have his pecker insured, to preserve its value for his post-football career?

Post it all here!!
Hopefully McDaniel gives us some updates during his news conference today. I would be shocked if Waddle doesn't play this week though.
I vote for CC to work on Connors groin to get him ready for sunday??
I think Cracraft will be out for a few weeks. May need to bring Chosen/Anderson up to the 53 man roster a couple of more times. Offense will still click with a wr corp of Hill, Waddle, Berrios, Wilson, EZ and Anderson. By the way Wilson didn't have a target vs the Broncos, but I saw several really nice blocks by him during the game. Great job of being a factor without the ball.
Waddle being back is huge. Would love to have Phillips and Williams for this one but if only one can play then I'd have to pick Conner Willams......he might have a high snap from time to time but he's a top blocker and we need him out there
Was coming to post this exact thing. Agree 100%.
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