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Week 5 prediction thread! Fins Vs Pats, step right up...


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Sep 11, 2002
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Ok ladies and gentlemen, its time once again to lay your prognosticative skills on the line. We all hope the fins can bounce back from their poor performance last week, so lets see if we can bounce back from poor predictions...

I guess Ill go first :)

Miami 27
New England 21

Ricky will have 123 yds.
Miami 24

New England 13

Marsha Brady gets his ass kicked. Oh yeah and Ricky knocks the **** out of Ty Law ALL DAY LONG.

My head says Kansas City and Gonzalez showed just how unprepared our defense is to deal with a big, fast tight-end. New England has a whole slew of those guys, though not to Gonzalez' level. However, my heart says don't count out Miami at home, with a healthier Surtain and Taylor.

Miami 23
New England 17
After carefull consideration and checking with my magic 8 ball. It told me that Miami would win but the darn thing never gives me the score. So I'll guess Miami 31 New England 20.
New England 28
Miami 17

I don't see a win here...Pats are pissed too, with superior coaching.

Sorry just my humble opinion

The Pats and 'Fins are both P/O'd and both team's offensive strengths play to the other's defensive weakness so it's difficult to call. One thing we do have going in our favor that the Patsies don't is the fact that we are getting Surtain back and they're not getting anything back to help that run D. My prediction:

'Fins 34
Pats 28
Patriots 35 - Marine Mammals 26

Brady is 22-38 for 345 and 2 TD's

Ricky runs for 132 and 2 scores

ADPHIN87: well i guess you and i are not real fans, because i see it the same way you do. i took some verbal from the homers after picking the jets to win. the question is WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN, not who do you want to win. i want miami to win this game as well as all the games they play, but wanting won't make it happen. so that being said, my predicition is.......................

pats 24

finz 17

miami has a lot to prove, like it or not. look at this game. the pats have been giving it up big against the run so you think ricky should come in for a hey day running the ball but we always do the opposite. billichek will miraculously fix there run defense this week and feebler will have to throw the ball. he will throw 2 pics and it will cost us. if a team is dead last against the pass we seem to not be able to throw the ball, if there last against the run, we can't run! we just have to start taking advantage of teams weeknesses on a consistant basis.

our defense just gets roasted by quality offenses. and drubbings to, 60 points, 48 points, 41 points, etc.... we are abismal in the playoffs and fail miserably against good offenses. this team has a lot to prove before i would bet any money on them.

so, when asked who do i THINK will win, i use the theory what if i was betting my family's money for the month, the mortgage, the food, the car payment, would i take miami over the wounded world champs who have a superior qb and the best defensive mind in the game? no. do i WANT miami to win? hell yes.

are these threads started just to give the homers a forum to say how we are going to blow the other team out every week or is it a forum to express our thoughts on who we really think will win?

this is a cool thread if we can express our thoughts and not turn it into homer time!!
Lower scoring than you all think. Fins defense bounces back, and Miami runs out a lead with Ricky grinding away the fourth quarter. They will not get another shoot out again.

Fins: 17

I'll try to duplicate my week4 success.

Dolphins 27 Patriots 24
Fins 27

Pats 16

Williams WILL rush for 147 and 2 TDs with 6 recepts for 59 and a third TD

Brady will throw 2 INTs and be held under 250 yds

Mark it down!
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