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Week 9 Predictions

hmmm Viks Vs Bucs could be a setup for an upset. The way that offense has been playing as of late for the Bucs.
Pretty good.

WIth Edge out Titans may be able to beat Indy.

Cleve could upset Pitt too but I guess the smart pick would be Pitt.
Pretty good...the game of the week there to me is the Bills vs Pats...this is a must game for the Pats...the Drew thing is intriguing....I first wanted him to them when they first played..but because the bills are so close to us..I want the Pats to win this one..but I can't really tell who will...this just be a gem of an game..Pats want to prove they can beat Drew..Drew want the Pats to understand who they gave up..and put him in the same Division..that was no respect...that's why I wanted him to beat them..but records have changed that.
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