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Were going to the Super Bowl!!!

I don't care about the hype...I don't care if people say we suck or we're going to the Bowl...Anything is possible, and I do not want to jinx the phins by screaming that we ARE going to the Bowl...On paper we have a great team that has the potential to go all the way, but we still have 16 games to get through and the playoffs. I for one just hope the nay sayers this past preseason end up eating crow come January...:evil:
If Fiedler can put up a good consistent year we will go to the Super Bowl and win, I guarantee it.
I think Fielder will be as Fielder always is - a midling talent, warrior type who will win games DESPITE a stubborn propensity for bone-head plays. He's not going to be the cause or effect. If we can FINALLY field most of our starters at the beginning AND end of the season, then we win. That too is a guarantee!
It should be noted that this writer picks us to LOSE the Super Bowl. Besides we still have serious concerns about the OL.
I think if the line holds up it rests on Fiedlers shoulders. I know a lot of Phins fans dislike him and doubt his ability to take the team to the next level. I think this is the year when everyone can fairly pass judgement. This will be his 3rd year at the helm which is how long it takes for a QB to develop. I know that he doesn't have the greatest physical tools, but I don't think he's inadequate either. If he would cut out that one signature "Jay Play" per game he would win me over.
i really think RW is the threat we need. not that he'll make the big plays on a regular basis, but i think he'll give fiedler that extra second to think what he's gonna do. the defense is gonna have to play honestly!
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