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Apr 19, 2003
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I was pretty confused as to how I felt about Wayne whne he didnt fire Wanny after the 03 season, Could not figure out why he was so loyal to him. But he did have 4 winning seasons, so that could have factored in.

I have to say that Wayne has impressed me since Wanny was fired and this SUper Bowl concept shows why he is a great businessman. Like one guys sid in teh post article,......"Think about the economic impact of 100,000 people not attending the game, but in South Florida. Knowing Wayne, he's a bulldog. If it's an idea that he wants to get done, they'll never say no to Wayne. He'll make it happen, in some way, shape or form."

He made the deal with Saban happen, brought in Bailey who knows teh NFL well. He is funding the new stadium renovations privately and doing everything he can to make Miami a winner.

I am starting to be impressed with Huizenga.
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