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What do you think?


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Mar 19, 2002
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I always like to know what outsiders think about my team. Let me know what you guys think about the Bills and their Chances for the rest of the season….As for your team. I’m not surprised with the big win. I’ve always said that you guys have a huge Home Field advantage early in the season and I love the way you take advantage of it. Teams like TB and Arizona should have the same advantage and don’t use it. Plus I think Detroit may be the worst team in the league. This is not to take anything away from a good win. You guys looked good.

BTW, I don’t post on this board often but here I am cheering a big first down yesterday, just moments before Travis Henry scores his first TD. I’m the guy in the first row to the right, in the Bledsoe Jersey with both arms in the air, right above the B.

What do I think?

I think obviously Buffalo will be better than last year. You guys finally having a good QB, and that will really help guys like Moulds, Price and others who was not getting the ball enough, because quite frankly, your previous QB's sucked. Travis Henry was also a sweet suprise to me, I had him on a fantasy team and dropped him quickly for another "more recognizable name" and he proved me wrong.

The only concern is the O'Line, and if they can keep Bledsoe from being killed out there. If your O'Line does like they did yesterday, I don't think Bledsoe will make it through the whole season.
I think they will be better as well. Luckily I was able to watch the Fins this year (if it were like last year I would have watched the Bills yesterday but DirecTV kicks ass) and I think the Bills really need to improve their special teams. They will go 6-10 or 7-9.
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