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What does Philbin say during Halftime?


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Sep 25, 2002
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Seriously, how many times now do we come out flat in third? I remember completely dominating New England earlier this year and I am not sure if we even scored a point in that second half? Does Philbin just mumble to the players, does he even talk to them, whatever it is he must be very uninspiring.
"Everybody make sure you pick up your wrappers in the locker room"
Some mundane crap written down on a piece of paper with his head down in his monotone voice. The guy is inspiring :(
Failbin is about as inspiring as a chewed up piece of gum under your shoe...
Good game guys we are winning! Now lets go LOSE!
He didn't say anything. He realized his notecards were actually a turkey recipe passed down to his wife from her grandmother.
In six games this year against the Colts, Ravens, Bills, Pats, Bengals and Panthers, the Dolphins have scored 20-points in the second-half. Not 20 ppg in the second-half against these teams, 20 points total! An average of 3.3 ppg in the second half of these games! It's not just the offense either, the defense, after generally being dominant in the first-half of games, just falls apart. They gave up 17 to the Panthers today (and they're not a good offense), 24 to the Pats, 20 to the putrid Ravens' offense, 17 to the Bengals, etc. This demonstrates a complete inability to adjust, or anticipate the adjustments that other teams are likely to attempt. When you're ahead, the game is easier, you have more margin for error, but that doesn't seem to translate to this group. They just shut it down in the second-half and do nothing. This is alarming. They should have abused the Panthers being up on them the way they were, but the offense did nothing and put all the pressure on the defense, again. It's unacceptable.
"Alright guys! We got this one in the bag! Lets just go out there and.play conservative, and try not to get hurt!"

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