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What does your mock draft look like??


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Sep 3, 2001
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This topic is designed to see what you think will happen in the first round of this year's draft. You dont have to put down an explanation. Here's the correct order & my opinion.

1)Hou-QB-Carr, Fresno St
2)Car-DE-Peppers, UNC
3)Det-CB-Jammer, Tex
4)Buff-QB-Harrington, Oregon
5)SD-OT-McKinnie, Mia
6)Dal-DT-Henderson, Tenn
7)Minn-DE-Edwards, S. Car
8)KC-WR-Gaffney, Flo
9)Jac-OT-Williams, Tex
10)Cin-CB-Buchanon, Mia
11)Ind-DT-Bryant, Wis
12)Az-DT-Haynesworth, Tenn
13)NO-WR-Bryant, Pitt
14)*Tenn-S-Williams, Okla
15)*NYG-TE-Shockey, Mia
16)*Atl-WR-Lelie, Hawaii
17)*Cle-G-Fonoti, Neb
18)Was-WR-Stallworth, Tenn
19)Den-DE-Johnson, Kentucky
20)Sea-TE-Graham, Col
21)Oak-OLB-Harris, NW
22)NYJ-DT-Sims, UNC
23)Oak-G-Gurode, Col
24)Balt-CB-Sheppard, Flo
25)Mia-RB-Green, BC
26)Phi-RB-Duckett, Mich St
27)SF-OT-Jones, Az St
28)GB-WR-Reed, LSU
29)Chi-DE-Brown, Flo
30)Pitt-S-Reed, Mia
31)SL-OT-Pearson, Flo
32)NE-CB-Rumph, Mia

33)Hou-DE/DT-Weaver, ND
34)Car-RB-Foster, UCLA
35)Det-WR-Walker, Mich
36)Buff-DT-Triplett, Wash
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