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What I'm looking forward to this year


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Jun 26, 2004
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Is an attacking and hopefully not predictable defense. I can't tell you how many times while watching the games with other Dolfans that when we tried to blitz it always seemed like our guys were running right into the other teams guys. Like they knew when and with who we were gonna blitz. I live close to Pittsburgh so I got to see there D a lot too and more often then not when they blitzed there D players shot the gap, came untouched and creamed the qb/rb in the backfield. Now, I am in no way a Steeler fan only watch em to watch em lose but I do like the idea we might switch to a 3-4 or at least a 4-3 that disguises what we are going to do. Miami has probably the best Defense as a whole talent wise - I don't think that they've been used properly and our scheme was waaaaaaay to predictable.
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