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What is this the world league?

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Jun 8, 2002
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Good lord those new Bills Unis are horrible. but i tell you what I would like to have what they have in their picture modeling those horrible threads, Mike Williams, Josh Reed, and Ryan Denney. They had a nice draft at the top.
If the Dolphins ever go to a two tone uniform scheme like that I might have to just listen to the games on the radio becuase I could not watch them. Does anyone in the NFL have an uglier uniform?
Could you show a photo of the new uniforms?
I wish I never asked to see them. They are ugly. Look at the white ones. Whats with the bright blue numbers? hideous
Seriously I don't understand why they didn't make the numbers red or dark blue staying with the original color scheme. Why steal the titans colors? I wonder if this makes life alot harder for the guys at EA sports.
Wow, the white unis can make a competition with the Browns for the worst uni in the league.
the broncos just called. they want their uniforms back
its just my opinion............

Does anyone in the NFL have an uglier uniform?
but i don't like the pat uni's and never will. i liked the minuteman they used to have on the helmet, this one sucks!:p

It looks like someone "morphed" the Titans and the Broncos Unis together... neither of which I liked anyway...

Looks like either the Tennessee Broncos or the Denver Titans...
You have to admire the Bills Cunning...

...selecting a uniform that's going to have the opponent bent double with laughter while they go out and play football (to use the term loosely). :lol:
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