What Jet Fans Are Saying About Their "Escape"


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Feb 3, 2002
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Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2002 6:06 pm Post subject: What do you think NOW?


Ok, its only the first game. But, if you weren't watching this one with green glasses on, you would have seen enough mistakes and bad play to make a drunk man pass a field sobriety test..

This being the first game, I'm sure alot of you will want to give passes to both the defense and Hackett. Frankly, I think SB aspirations are not only premature, but wildly optimistic as well.

Lets start with the offense. Did anyone see the wide open offense that we saw during the preseason? Hell no. I saw a offense struggling against itself trying to find rythym. The running game was non existent even WITH CMoney in there. Using the pass to set up the run? Didn't happen today did it.. I saw a OLine that couldn't run block. Pass protection was at best, serviceable. I saw Hackett desperately trying to crawl back into 2001 mode in the second half. I saw too many times where the sideline to field communication bogged down. This was all supposed to be fixed if one is to believe the press releases from Jets HQ. Chad Morton was all that stood between us and defeat today. Don't bet the college fund on that happening next week against the SB Champs. Yeah, that's right, the New England Patriots SB Champs. This is no easy schedule we were blessed with this season. I didn't see a team today that could be either Miami OR NE no matter where that game is played. Could the Jets run today? Nope.. Could the Jets go downfield today? Didn't try.

Does any of this sound familiar? Herm and Hackett are conservative by nature. They won't change any time soon guys. Get used to it. We ain't the Rams..Never will be..

Now, about the defense and Herm's beloved "Cover-who". It was pathetic from start to finish. The Bills marched up and down the field at whim. We got very little pressure on Bledsoe and he made us pay for it. We won't be suffering from constipation anytime soon since Drew ripped us a new one. Our secondary plays waaay too soft. Could that be because we have 4 "leadfoots" in our backfield? I would say yes to that one. The Bills knew it, the League knows it. Get ready for a long year guys. Hell, if it was a QB that didn't have the rust Bledsoe had today, we would have gotten our collective asses waxed today. Travis Henry kicked our ***. John Abraham might have well not suited up. Our DT's? What a ****ing joke they were today. Yeah, i'm calling it out. They sucked. We have NOTHING in the middle. NOTHING!. Now, maybe 5 games down the road they'll be able to stop somebody. I think Bradway may have wasted his money on our DLine newbies. Frankly, to a man they sucked today. We can only hope for improvement. It still appears that the 3/4 is a better fit for this team than the 4/3. Herm ain't the type to admit that so we're gonna live AND die with it. Look for alot more games like this one in the immediate future.

Kudos to Chad Morton for saving the game and perhaps the season today. At least teams will have to respect our KR's if nothing else. Vinny looked good considering the constraints placed on him by Herm AND Hackett AND Raye. They wanted so badly to be conservative it was a shame. Vinny and Chad won the game INSPITE of the CS, not because of them. A bright spot was that we won without CM. Jordan had his fumble but made up for it. Now, if we only had a OLine that could run block every now and then.

All in all, please put those SB prognostications in the closet for the next several weeks. With out a frontal lobotomy on Cottrell ( he who hates to blitz), it ain't gonna happen folks. We don't have a defense of that caliber nor do we have the personnel to make up for our shortcomings. We'll win our share yes. But late in the season, faults always come to the light. Ours we're already seeing..

Any thoughts?
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Sep 2, 2001
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Hey, at least they WON the game. What's the Bills excuse?


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May 23, 2002
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I hope they never get on board...Please Please keep playing like that..on the other hand is the Bills that good?


Originally posted by Expo88
Praise God for Paul Hackett, he may be our best "weapon" against the Jests this year! :lol:

Would that make him our BUDDY HACKETT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:lol:


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May 7, 2002
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The Bills were pretty good on special teams last year. Us Bills fans are hoping that with a lot of turnover, and less time to work on special teams in training camp than offence and defense, it's just a matter of a very short time before these guys pick up what they're supposed to be doing. The addition of Chidi Ahanotu did a lot to stabilize things on the D-line. It's not that the young guys have no talent, they just need the benefit of a little more experience sprinkled in.

Surprisingly, on the O-line most of the breakdowns came on the left side where Ruben Brown claimed he played his worst game as a pro. As a Bills fan, I don't think Brown is washed up, but he has been a player who doesn't take training camp seriously. Between that and minor injuries to both Brown and Jennings, they just didn't work that much together.

The Bills still need to play with more discipline and confidence, but they will win 7-9 games this year with a brutal schedule, hopefully two of them against the Dolphins.:p
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