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What position is your BIGGEST concern thus far?


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Oct 15, 2001
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I would have to say O-Line......These guys played great against the texans , but, they were the TEXANS.....I dont think they will hold up 16 games the way they did in that game :(

I hope they go after some O-lineman.......and I hope our Lineman prov me wrong;)
....I forgot to add my 2nd a 3rd concerns....

2nd concern....another CB I think J.Fletcher should be our 4th CB

last but not least......another LB at least a solid back up who can come in and play as a starter if he had to.
My biggest concern is dime back. Teams have long since used multiple WR sets to convert first downs, I don't care what our pass rank was last season...too many times we couldn't stop a team on critical 3rd downs.
We have different personnel in our D secondary packages..I'm little concern there. We have untested backups.
Our OL line is thin, I think our starting 5 is solid..but Searcy is the only backup I think is solid...Other than that, with a little concern for a thin LB corps..I'm think we have depht every place else....but you can only have 53 and while I do have reservations..our backups are vets and that gives me some comfort...
McKinney has been a solid backup don't you think?
Fletcher..........I hate to say but the way he looks, Santana will be running wild.................
With Santana, I'm thinking there will be more zone coverage. I don't think there is anyone on our defense that could keep up with that guy. That or just bump him around at the line, that always works with the smaller receivers, atleast in my experience......
I think Jermain Lewis and Corey Bradford already ran wild and I think those two are better than Coles, Chrebet and Moss.

We need DB depth. I'm starting to become a believer that Ricky and Norv will make this O-Line look good. At Linebacker, Zack is better than all the rest of the LBs put together, maybe that's why we all think we need some back up talent there?? No!!! :help:
Originally posted by Phinstd
My biggest concern is dime back.

Isn't our dime back Arturo Freeman with Wooden coming in as a safety??? That looked pretty solid to me as both seem to be comming on.
If you think Wooden is a solid dime back you need to think again.

A dime back will be covering a WR in a 5 receiver set. Think Woodne can do that? I don't.
Originally posted by inFINSible
Where does your concern for JT fall on that list?;)

Bro, you aint got to jump on my case for that...that was just my opinion....JT is JT....A solid DE...I never said he sucks or anything like that, he just hasnt convinced me he can have another great year... a good year maybe, but not a great year.....(Which I HOPE he proves me wrong)....and I also think hes a little bit overrated.....But he can play the position...and I wouldnt be surprised if he gets the job done.;)
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