What were former Dolphins greats like? Historical Dolphins Info Wanted.


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Aug 5, 2008
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Another fullback that can be slightly compared with Czonka is Mike Alstott. He is no longer in the league but he was a beast too. Not as much as Larry but he was still pretty tough to bring down.

Yeah, I thought about Alstott because he is about the last fullback to get a significant number of carries. But Alstott fumbled way more than Csonka.


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Feb 4, 2008
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Earl Morrall was the pride of Muskegon Michigan

not a big deal to most people but every day I drive past Morrall Drive, which runs perpendicular to his high school's football field, Hackley Stadium, the home of the 2008 state champion Muskegon Big Reds

that he also played for Michigan State and the Baltimore Colts is something I overlook since he started and ended well


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Dec 9, 2005
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I've got to add my 2 cents worth here as I've been a fin fan since 1971. Although I've never seen them live as I live in van, canada I have watched them since '71 on tv everytime they are on and they were featured a lot back then.

A couple of players that need more of a mention are Bob Griese and Paul Warfield. Griese was a genius on the field, not a great arm and not big, but maybe the smartest qb up until then. He always seemed to come up with the right play for the situation and he called his own plays. He was the best ball handler I've ever seen, when he ran that misdirection with Csonka you didn't know where the ball was. When he did throw the ball it was right on the money.

As far as Warfield goes, his routes were like a hot knife thru butter and his hands were made of velvet, smooth, smooth. He would have been talked about a lot more if they threw the ball more but they were a running team primarily.
Another guy I'd like to mention is Howard Twilley,he was wr opposite Warfield, a little guy with a funny name and no speed but his route runing was impeccable and I don't remember him ever dropping a pass. A very uinderappreciated part of the puzzle.


Sep 3, 2001
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Would like too add my thoughts about Greise if I may. He was very good at the hard count when we needed a off sides penalty. Very smart management and a team leader as opposed too Marino. Czonka was unstoppable.


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Jan 12, 2009
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A question to all of you blessed with watching the No Name defense of the 70's or the Killer B's and Mark's Brothers of the early 80s. It is kind of an odd request but seeing as how hard it is to find info on these players can you help me out. I started watching in the 90s and missed out on all of these players.

What were they like? Share your memories, thoughts and opinions. I have a lot of questions and I wish America's game would run more footage of them.

If you don't want to go in depth just comment on their most important attributes and who you would best compare them to in the NFL today.

- Griese
- Earl Morrall

- Csonka
- Morris
- Kiick
- Nathan
How did the 72 Dolphins run their offense with Csonka. Did he always play FB with Kiick and Morris rotating at HB? Was it primarily the I Form? Was Csonka a good run blocker?

- Nat Moore
- Mark Clayton
- Mark Duper

- Norm Evans
- Bob Keuchenberg
Both of these guys were not the biggest. Were they strong none the less? Hall of fame worthy? Pass blockers or run blockers or excellent at both? Were they leaders at all or perform best when it counted?

- Bill Stanfill
- Doug Betters
- Kim Bokamper
- Bob Matheson
I am always surprised to hear such accolades for Stanfill and to find out Betters was a DPOY. How good were these guys? What kind of pass rushers were they? Did they have any sort of special moves think Reggie with the Club or Freeney with the Spin or Taylor with the Swim. Were they effective against the run? Anyone know how many sacks they actually have (before sacks became an official stat)?

- Bob Baumhauer
- Manny Fernandez
How were two guys so undersized so dominant. Which one was better? Baumhauer seemed to put up the numbers but I read Fernandez got 17 tackles in a Superbowl game. An incredible accomplishment let alone done while playing NT.

- A.J. Duhe
Part of the problem is the lack of sack stats or for that matter tackles. Was this guy fast? A pass rusher? Tough? A leader? He is quite well known and yet I haven't a clue as to how he played.

- Jake Scott (Hall of fame worthy?)
- Lyle Blackwood
- Glenn Blackwood
Did the Blackwoods play CB at all?

How did the 53 defense differ from the 3-4. Did they only use it on passing downs?

What sort of defense did the Killer B's run?

For those like me NFL.com has video of some players on their website if they appeared in NFL Films footage.

Thanks in advance.
I been watching since. Try this pro-football-reference.com :)


Mar 14, 2006
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Csonka was a beast. He's actually the reason I started being a fan of Miami. The way he would bull through the line with lineman just hanging on to him...Unstoppable


Nov 13, 2008
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This thread brings two things to mind: First is that after the late 70's I think of how the franchise kind of sputtered to keep the luster. Thats when the Steelers dynasty was rolling. The Dolphins under Shula were always a smart tough out though. The eighties teams over achieved and there were some decent seasons in there but my second point is I have never been as attached and into the team since the 70's until this team. Post Cam Cameron, Tony Sparanos team is the team since way back in the 70's that I like the most. I loved the first 10 years or so of the Marino era because he was so obviously special but in retrospect it was like watching Lebron James try to win with the Cavs because they never surrounded Dan with quite enough. Something about this 2008 to right now team just about equals the most faith I have ever had as a Dolphin fan since '71 and I have followed them all the way.
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