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Oct 15, 2001
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Giving Travis Minor a chance,has everyone forgoten what he did for us this season?

Ok so maybe he isnt ready to be a starting back yet but i think he should see more playing time than last season.:)

i don't think minor was much of a factor this year. but he should have been. i would have had minor and lamar in the backfield at the same time, the defense wouldn't have known if the run was inside or out!:D

I would rather us get Fred Taylor as most likely it would cost us only a 3rd round pick. To get RW we are looking at either a having to give up 2 picks which we desperatly need to shore up our OL. If it doesn't take 2 picks that means then the Saints want a player, namely either Surtain or Chambers. Personally I would not give up either one of them for RW. Sure RW is a power runner who will get 1000 yards plus every year on just shear force alone. He has though a bad problem of putting the ball on the ground and not getting in the endzone.

Fred Taylor, though never staying healthy through a whole season, has put up better numbers that RW ever did. When healthy Fred is quite possibly one of the top 3 backs in the NFL, behind only Faulk and Edge. Taylor is a low cap risk and the strong word is that he can be had for only a 3rd round pick. RW also has injury problems and you have to look at which one is 6 in one hand and which one is 1/2 a dozen in the other.

If Taylor goes down we can have Minor step in and all we lost was a 3rd round pick. When was the last time a 3rd rounder really stepped up for us and was a contributing factor in a season? So we are left with Minor as a lst resort? I can live with that! But I can also live with Taylor getting a second chance to start over here. His problems have not been major injuries, but more been a problem of strength and conditioning. Hammies, pulled groins, etc. That can be corrected. I would like to take the chance on him and get Fred in a Phins uniform now!
This is an interesting debate to which I would like to add the coaching element. Dave Wanstedt has a stated ethos of a strong defense and a power running game. The power running game is certainly missing.

The opposition knows you're going to run. The only way you can succeed when they load up against the run is with a good offensive line making channels and a power back to hit the lines and break tackles. I don't think Travis Minor is quite ready for that, though I like his speed on outside runs.

So we're back to who's the power back that can run even when the odds are against him. For me Lamar is backup material. RW is a good move, if maybe the draft picks could be spread over the next couple of years rather than a single hit which so far seems unlikely.

Draft picks seem unlikely to make the power running game happen immediately. So it's down to free agency and what you might get at a steal. Antowain Smith did it for the Pats. Who's out there that might make it work for the Fins?:confused:
Only one person I know of......

Ricky Watters. I think he is the only strong big time back available out there for the right price.
having lamar and minor in..........

at the same time is a good place to start. also, having an offensive minded OC would help tremendously. i mean sending lamar up the middle 20-30 times a game when you know your O-line can't do squat, is insane!:rolleyes:
The running situation

Everyone agrees that Ricky would be awesome.

However, Lamar is a great power runner. Minor is only a good 3rd down back. The fins need to go after RW. Sacrificing key players is not worth it but if something feasible works out then it should be done. Nevertheless, Jim Brown would not have got 1000 yards rushing for the Fins last year. When the first hit on the RB occurs behind the line of scrimmage then the O line is worthless.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
If we don't get Ricky, I think we should use Minor as our starting RB.
Since JJJ is hopefully/probably gone as well as Lamar, we still need 2 new HB's. So this is a tough call without knowing who they are, but I would love to see Minor used like the Raiders used Kaufman and Garner w/Wheatly, i.e. get another big back in here and rotate Minor and that back in and whichever make more sense ag. the opposing D give more carries to.

If we cannot get Ricky to Fred.
Re: The running situation

Originally posted by Dolfan4life
However, Lamar is a great power runner.

No Eddie George is a great power runner, Lamar is a one year wonder and will end up as someone's backup.
Fred Taylor when healthy is the best option! If he can regain that form from the playoff game against the Phins a couple years ago, he will be a steal for a 3rd rounder! Yes the 62-7 rout!!:cry:
I'm a big Ricky Williams fan, but I don't want to give up anything more than a 3rd and 1st for him.

On the other hand, for our 1st, 4th, and 7th we might be able to trade up to the #14 spot and pick William Green. Then in the third pick Martin Bibla.
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