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Whats up with this?

Yeah I read that on sunday night and didn't quite understand it myself. I'm thinking they wrote it before the game but forgot to post it so they had to change it but put it up anyway. I wouldn't put much stock into it.
Uninformed, rumor-spreading idiots!

:monkey: PFW
you don't change the QB on a winning football team unless there is an injury - no way he comes out
Take it with a grain of salt. My highly placed source inside PFW (the mail boy) said that they had to makeup something about Miami because they are playing better than they said they would and they want to distract people away from that.:lol: :lol: ;)
Nobody in the sports media has an "inside source". They just print out what they would do if they were in charge.
their inside source was probably Bill Bellichek
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Hey clump... can you feel it? Your Bills will be here in almost 2 weeks... you still going to be trolling then with your one liners?
I heard a rumor from Profootballbull****.com that next year Phil Simms and Bernie Kosar are coming our of retirement to try out for the Phins starting QB job.

After Jay Fiedler takes the phins through a dominating ride through the playoffs and super bowl the team decides he did to good now and they don't want him anymore.

The source said the team owner wanted to have a QB that the fans can still complain about when mistakes are made constantly because they get more TV coverage that way.
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