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Where did this idiot come from

Just because he picks us to lose means he's a goofball? He's 52-36 for the year. That's pretty damn good.

Look, we have 4 offesnive starters likely out (5 if you include B.Smith) and our defense is all banged up from the great game they played last week. It's our first week with our backup QB, and it's a rival. Anything can happen against a rival. Now while I still would pick the Dolphins to win, I wouldn't be surprised to see Buffalo pull the upset.
I was going to post the exact same article Miamian, but I figured the Bills fans would come and here and start laughing their asses off about it. There is no way we lose by that much. If we lose, its by 10, max......
First off, the current word is that Chambers and Gadsden will play and even if they don't start Ward and McKnight both played pretty well on Monday against a much better defense than Buffalo's. As far as the defense being "banged up," the only injury report on defense, not counting special teamers, is Jason Taylor's elbow and he's listed as probable. He played with it through Monday's game without any problems. Third, it's been well established that Lucas performed at a high level in preseason with the first unit while Fiedler was recovering from his hip injury and is very similar in his style to Fiedler anyway. Fourth, when was the last time they beat us at home and in October? I would be genuinely shocked if they beat us.
Pretty simple equation folks:

Buffalo worst run defense + Ricky Williams+ Norv's Ball Control Game= Bledsoe rarley on the field and a Dolphin Victory.

There is NO way Buffalo comes in to our house and wins. Not going to happen.
Just because Gadsden plays, doesn't mean it's going to help us. Who says OG at 75% is much better than Ward or McKnight at 100%? And Chambers is still questionable (though even if he plays, it shouldn't hamper is playing ability much I wouldn't think).

We don't have any true injuries on defense, but ask Zach Thomas if he is sore and tired, and he'll probably say yes. They worked their ass off last week in what was probably the hardest played game I've seen in a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if the front 7 came out a little flat this weekend. I would expect that it took them awhile to fully recover that hard-hitting game.

Lucas played well in pre-season, but that was pre-season. And it was also when he was working the whole off-season with the first team group and getting lots of reps because Fiedler was hurt. Lucas got very few reps until this week and probably won't be perfect from the beginning. It will take him a week or two to get back in the feel of things.

Also, it is starting to cool off down here. Not sure on the temperature for Sunday but I doubt it will be above 85 at kickoff. Also, it doesn't seem like it will rain until Sunday and we haven't had rain in awhile, it won't be quite as humid either.

The Bills aren't the Jets, this game is not a walk in the park. The Bills are sort of similar to the Chiefs, who we lost too. All offense, no defense. Their offense is ran a lot differently than KC's, but it is still very good. Also, remember, the Bills can't wait to spoil Lucas' season debut. Rivals are always nasty to play against. When you play a rival, anything can happen, no matter how good or bad they may be. Just because we aren't favored every week doesn't mean the writer is a dumbass. I agree, I wouldn't put money down that the Bills win by that much, but the fact that you called him an idiot and goofball just because he picked against is uncalled for. The guy has a lot better record this season then you do (or you would if you predicted the games).
If that’s what he thinks, we can't say he is right or wrong. But giving the Bills 13 points is ridicules.
You fin fans think we Bills fans are crazy for thinking the Bills will beat the Dolphins, but I guess we aren't the only ones. The only thing I don't like about his prediction is that I think Buffalo will have at least 40.
Bills 40 points, in Miami YEA RIGHT! The Bills could be easily 1-5. They won 3 overtime games. The Bills suck. Ricky will embarrass your defense.
For once, dolphinators is right. You won't score 40. You can quote that......
Breck, remember that Norv said that he used the wrong strategy against the Chiefs. We were tempted to air it out because KC's secondary is suspect and got away from what we do best, run Ricky.

Also, the weather right now is rather pleasant and it was actually refreshingly cool this morning, but weatherpeople are forecasting that the high pressure will pass through by this weekend and we'll return to a normal easterly flow of moist air and the temperatures will rise once again. I wish it weren't so, but summer isn't over just yet. According to ESPN, the home team has one 8 of the past 11 games.

True, Lucas played only in preseason, but we're not playing a good defense on Sunday. Their defensive line is one of their weak points and he should have plenty of time to get into a rhythm.

As far as the team being sore and tired, that's something all NFL teams have to endure throughout a season.

A lot of people can make predictions with a good hit/miss ratio. Most of us probably know or knew someone in college adept at it. My point is that this guy didn't seem to do his homework.
Be careful breken,

Trying to submit logic into the equation is just going to make you look like you dont know what you are trying talk about....

You want to get along with your fellow fin fans...better go with the company line.....

If we get from Ricky, what we got ag NE, we win. NE threw the ball whenever they had it, which was not often. If Bledsoe is on the bench, we will win. If we cannot make 1st downs and turn it over, that guy c/b right :(
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